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Post Surgery Rehab


Do you have a surgical procedure scheduled soon?  We can help!

We will work closely with your Doctor to ensure that you receive the best care possible.


Why is it important to seek Physical Therapy Rehab After Surgery?

No matter what type of surgery you just had we are here to help you feel better and confident. Physical Therapy rehab is very important after surgery to help you maximize your potential, recover faster, and regain mobility quicker.

Any type of surgery whether its minimal or severe they all cause trauma to the body. 

What you can expect From Post-Surgical Rehabilitation With our Physical Therapists

At our clinic we are experts of the human body. During your post-surgical rehabilitation, we will implement a plan of care with also meeting your goas and what you would like to achieve. ​

At Functional Performance we will help you adapt to new changes in your body and help you to learn and feel confident in using different tools and equipment such as: crutches, braces, etc.

During your first visit we will review your medical history and all paperwork from your surgeon and primary care physician. We will go over your goals during this session while also implementing a custom plan of care just for you. 

How long will I need to see a Physical Therapist for?

The amount of time you’ll spend at our clinic will depend on many different factors, including age, overall health, type of surgery, and whether you experienced any complications.

Majority of our patients com in two times a week at the beginning for a few months with eventually going down to once a week.

Can you help me before my surgery?

Majority of our patients com in two times a week at the beg We always recommend seeing us before your surgery to help reduce complications during surgery and it will also be a quicker recovery for you.

If you have anymore questions please do not hesitate to call or text us.

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