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Leading the Field in Physical Therapy and Functional Performance


Functional Performance specializes in helping each and every patient as a whole and not as a condition or injury. We look at the human body as a functional unit, which all parts must be functional for efficient performance. Our passion is to create an individual plan that creates a positive experience for all patients in recovery. We use skilled manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercise, movement screen assessments, video analysis, and specific treatments for individual needs. Physical therapy treatments are focused on improving faulty movement patterns, musculoskeletal imbalances,
neurological disorders for positive responses in functional performance.

We have MOVED locations

We have moved locations! Starting on Monday February 26, 2024 we will start seeing patients at our new location. Our new address is listed below.
We are located in The Meadows Shopping Village. This is a very active community with a lot of residential homes and businesses. 
If you have any questions or would like specific directions please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 

5027 Ringwood Meadow 
Sarasota FL 34235 

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