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   Dr. Adam Cecil 

Physical Therapist


About Me:

     I'm a native to the state of Florida, but moved with my Navy family to Maryland when I was a child. I grew up in a small town, but lived in Baltimore and outside Washington D.C. during college. I have an amazing wife and twin daughters that keeps me busy outside of patient care. Outside of work, I also really enjoy spending time with family, having cookouts, and being active in exercise/sports. My sports of interest include soccer, basketball, golf, running, and lacrosse. I love spending time at the beach, being handy in my garage, traveling the world, and finding new adventures in nature.

Words to Live by

“Life is too short and it goes by too fast not to enjoy it to the fullest.” If you are in pain, nervous about falling, or want to improve a skill set in athletics, I can help with these goals to live the full life you deserve. As a Physical Therapist I get to really know each patient. We get to spend a lot of one-on-one time during treatments to understand each patient’s history, present life events, and future plans. It is heart warming to see my patients grow in their recovery and feel that their life has been changed in a positive manner to enjoy all that life has to offer.

Why I Chose to Become a Physical Therapist

There are a lot of people that suffer with pain and problematic conditions everyday in the world and I wanted to be involved with direct patient care. I dedicated most of my youth to athletics and this came with certain injuries and set backs that I had to overcome to continue my athletic dreams. With these injuries driving my compassion for patient care, I became a Certified Athletic Trainer to spend my working hours helping sports teams with on-field injuries, recovery, and injury prevention. After seeing that my athletes were not getting injured very often, my skill sets were being underused. This led me to become a DPT so I could spend my whole work day treating and caring for those who are injured and in need of the care I could provide.

What Do I Bring to the Patient

My diverse background in health care and rehabilitation encompasses the many skill sets into my treatments. I have had the privilege to work at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, involvment with the USA National Lacrosse Team, help with the Women's Soccer World Cup organization, numerus college athletic programs, and contracted with the Washington Redskins and Baltimore Ravens NFL organization. I have worked along side top orthopedic surgeons, nutritionists, physical therapist, alhletic trainers, and specialty physicans across the country. I am an open listener and create my goals for the patient based on the goals they want to attain, since it is their life we want to improve.

What My Patients Say About Functional Performance

Our patients love the accessibility of mobile physical therapy and performance training to their location. Having the freedom to meet outdoors, at the driving range, at the sports field, and in their personal living room makes results more realistic. They appreciate the one-on-one treatment experience they receive here at Functional Performance. 

The pride that is displayed in treatment, the support that is provided, and the clear progression of care makes a huge difference than other companies. Patients relate and feel comfortable with our professional background, education, and life experiences that makes us a well-rounded practitioner for the patient’s recovery.





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